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Postby Duckistan » Sun May 28, 2006 6:15 pm

Being the first review i ever wrote, i'd have to ask you to lower the bar a bit.
Here goes :

After so many countless franchises Disney has brought to our beloved consoles, we wonder, is this game any different than those othe franchisegames ? Let's find out, shall we !

When you first play the game Donald Duck Quack Attack, you will see a short, yet carefully animated movie of a conversation between Goose and Duck. Fans of Donald Duck will certainly catch on with the story, yet non-fans, if there are any, won't seem to find out why they are so hostile to each other, as example. For non-fans i think this game will be slightly harder to follow. Yet again, who doesn't know dear uncle donald ?

The gameplay of DDQA consists mainly out of the basic jumping, defeating enemies and runing against time. Some levels are quite nicely done, as example a level where a giant glove is trying to grab you. But i haven't found any truly original concepts hidden between the gameplay. Experienced players will probably rush through these levels if it where no more than cutting butter with a razorsharp knife. But the main stream of players are little kids, and that is the group Disney Interactive was focussing on.

You battle throughout colourful levels filled with bandits, robbers and such. The graphics are a bit standard and aged, due to the age of this game, it had been released in 2002, which is already 4 years ago. The sound or background music isn't waht you call a mozart symphony. It is a repeating melody that gets annoying after a while, better turn the volume down during play.

But overall, the game can be described as colourful, a bit kiddy though, and a real 'franchisegame'. Good, but not great. My final rating would have to be a 7.4, which is reasonable. Buy it if you like, but you can only really enjoy it if you're a fan.


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