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Mickey Mouse Story The Mystery of the Country

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JOPDVCK wrote:Mickey Mouse-tales
One day, chef O'Hara calls. He says: "You have to come here quickly and there is an emergency ...". Mickey runs to the police station and says if he is there what is going on. Then Chief O'Hara says: "The battery was empty." which Mickey asks if there is a problem. O'Hara says: "Jeperdejepjep It is a big economic problem for the police because of a new introduction of an old telecommunications system." where Mickey asks what the problem is that O'Hara says: "The tip for telegram-orderers has become mandatory." Mickey then says: "Why do I have to come here, I am a detective, not an alderman." O'Hara then says, "Oh, that! That's because there are a lot of raids in the countryside." They say there are ghosts, I just got that in via a telegram. " A telegram customer in the corner says: "Jeperdejepjep and José de Bosé wants to tip for that." Mickey then walks through the hall and meets the detective Chasey. He says: "It can not come through spirits because it does not exist and even if they exist they could never sit there so much that they are there at the same time, but I know who it is." Mickey thinks he finally understands, but then Chasey finishes his speech: "It comes from seals through space." Mickey comes home and tells Morty and Ferdy to go to the countryside to solve a mystery. Morty and Ferdie packs of sambal, pepper and tabasco. Mickey looks surprised and Morty and Ferdie say: "That helps a bit against poisonous gases". Then Morty and Ferdie ask for chewing gum and Mickey then asks why Morty and Ferdie say: "That gives a fresher breath.". Mickey goes by car and hears a bang. He is frightened and he drives a stone and his car breaks down. The nephews ask why he was so startled when a gum bubble popped and Mickey said: "Hand in that bite." The nephews wonder where they should stay. Mickey then says: "Do not happen to be aunt Matilda here, your great aunt and my aunt." the nephews then say: "It was no coincidence that she did not accidentally move here 40 years ago." When they are at the house, the cousins ​​ask themselves if they should drop traps because they do not see any traps. Mickey calls and the nephews ask Aunt Matilda why she has no traps. Matilda then says: "I have one but it is not very good." In the background is a leaf of a tree that triggers a huge hogweed. Matilda gives them some food. She gives them a vegetable dish because she is a vegetarian and because she can make it delicious. The nephews spit fire and they say: "We have too much tabasco on it." At the table is also a sheep named Wilhelmina. She is Matilda's pet. Mickey question: "Are you okay with Wilhelmina?" in which Matilda says: "Yes, despite the fact that she suffers from aging symptoms of sheep because of her age, she is doing well." and then the nephews say: "If it does not go well, then you should file a complaint with your animal hospital." They have to take a bath after dinner. They all take shampoo and Matilda also washes Wilhelmina. Matilda says at one point: "Use the second bottle with soap, the first is soap for sheep." Mickey and the nephew have very fluffy hair at that time. They go to the table after the bath. Matilda tells Mickey, "It's all about supper, you take a bite and your whole house is empty, I'm the only one in the village that has not been robbed, maybe it's my fall." Mickey then says: "What is your fall?" to which Matilda says: "Sorry, I am a bit forgetful." What is the meaning of the word "fall"? " Matilda bakes the food but it goes wrong. She tells them to go to the neighbors because everyone gets food delivered per day because nobody dares to go outside. She does not go there because their neighbors always eat meat. She is also the only vegetarian of the countryside. And also the only one without applesauce. They go there but at the first bite of the meat everyone falls asleep except the nephews because of the pepper, sambal and tabasco. A thief comes in and the cousins ​​beat him unconscious. They wonder what they should do to him. They put shelves under his feet and hands and use him as a rocking horse. When the rest is awake, Mickey sees if he has something with him that proves his address. He finds something and goes to the post office and gives him hundreds of telegrams each with a letter. He has to pay by letter so he gets off well. When it arrives at O'Hara, he has to pay hundreds of tips and faints. He then sends a telegram to the butcher who sells the meat. It says:"
Dear butcher,
Please report to the police station.
Kind regards from chef O'Hara
"They had already surrounded the house, she picked it up and O'Hara said:" This arrest comes from telegrams and that is why I demand gratuity. "
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