Gyro Gearloose in "When Photos Think"

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Page 1
Panel 1 (splash): GY runs and say: Li'l Helper, take this camera and hide it before everyone cames!
Panel 2: DD: Uncle Scrooge tell me to buy at least one thing in Gyro's promotion... if remains anything!
Panel 3: GY opens his lab's door and says: The promotion is open!

Page 2
Panel 1 (panoramic): Everyone enter GY's lab
Panel 2: Narration: Then everything (even the walls!) except GY and LH are buyed. GY: Where's the camera, Helper?
Panel 3: LH: Bzzzzzzzzzzt! (I can't remember!)
Panel 4: DD: Li'l Helper was good in selling me this camera!
Panel 5 (panoramic): DD: Hah! The millionaire Longhorn Tallgrass is on Duckburg again, and he is entering at the billionaires club!

Page 3
Panel 1: Back into Gyro's lab - GY: Helper! You means you sell it to Donald?
Panel 2: GY: I must run into Mr. McDuck's newspaper! And just today they buyed my bike saucer?
Panel 3: GY: Donald! Donald! This camera photographs minds! DD: WHAT!?
Panel 4: DD looks the newspaper: Quack! Tallgrass thinks very bad of Uncle Scrooge!
Panel 5 (panoramic): DD goes running after newspaper-carrying truck: STOP! STOP! DD thinking: How is hard a photographer's life!


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