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Postby Olivier » Sat Mar 22, 2008 5:53 pm

A pre-order page appeared on in March 2008 for
The Carl Barks Collection Set 1

Book Description [on's page]
It's here - a ten-volume hardback set collecting Carl Barks' complete Disney comics cycle! Remastered in more exceptional quality and color than earlier editions, the great tales of Donald Duck, Uncle Scrooge McDuck, Gladstone Gander, and Gyro Gearloose are accompanied by a vast selection of archival rarities and fascinating new editorials by lifetime Barks scholar Geoffrey Blum. This initial boxed set includes Barks' very first 1940s adventures, including "Donald Duck Finds Pirate Gold," "The Mummy's Ring," and "Pluto Saves the Ship!"

Hardcover, 960 pages, 11 x 8.5 x 3.2 inches
ISBN-10: 1603600639
ISBN-13: 978-1603600637
Scheduled date (as of March 22, 2008): November 5, 2008)
Price (as of March 22, 2008): $94.50 (37% off $150 list price)


(Gemstone's Archival Editor, David Gerstein, warned on the Disney Comics Forum that, while these are indeed plans and projects in the making, anything can happen; the warning goes for any such project, more specifically this and the Gottfredson and Rosa collections.)

"I can't give many details about these projects yet, other than to confirm that for right now they're in the works. Plans have been known to change, though. Lars is correct: Amazon's listings often reflect projects (from all publishers) that may not ultimately come out as originally expected.
But at least you can see what we presently *want* to do.

The cover pictures at this point, by the way, are just quick "Americanizations" of similar volumes already published by Egmont. Our final editions may look very different (and may not be identical to Egmont's equivalents inside, either)."

(2008-03-14 03:23)

"[...] things are pretty durn tentative. Our distribution arm asks us to submit our information for Amazon—and other online retailers—nearly a year in advance. So these early plans are often subject to change."

(2008-03-14 22:56)

"As for our publishing schedule, and the use of Egmont's material, color, etc., all decisions are still up in the air. Sorry not to have more information yet."

(2008-03-19 22:07)
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