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Postby Daniel73 » Sun Apr 15, 2007 1:22 am

Topic about the rules on McDrake International.
Continued from topic 'Rules on McDuck International'.
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Postby Daniel73 » Sun Apr 15, 2007 1:26 am

Rules McDrake International

- No discrimination.
- No warez or other illegal matters.
- No (links to) sexual explicit or morbid contents. Keep in mind that children can visit the board.
- No spambots.
- No hotlinking to pictures of other sites without permission of the owner(s). These pictures can be removed.
- No publication of (your own or someone else's) private address information. Exceptions are your own email address and your location, but it's fully your own decision to make them public.
- Keep the board tidy.
- Private matters should not be handled on this board.
- No stealing of someone else's name, identity or avatar.
- If you want to comment to someone, use his/her given alias.
- Using multiple guest names (roleplay) is allowed. Multiple Profiles (registrations) should stay limited.
- Give a clear title to new topics. The moderators can change them if they're not clear.
- Don't quote too much. Quote only the text you're replying to, if that's necessary anyway.
- Moderation happens afterwards. In problem situations the board can go off-line until further order.
- If you have a question about McDuck/McDrake International, search the answer in the forum 'About McDrake International'. If there's no answer and no suitable existant topic, make there a new topic with your question.
- If you have a question about these rules, go to the topic 'Rules on McDrake International'.

Warning: The board provides no edit/delete options to anyone but the maintainer/moderator. When adding a topic or reply, use the "Preview" to be sure your text is okay for eternal submission.


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The rules are the same as before. Only changes in the text are converting the name McDuck to McDrake, and adjusting the links.
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