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From a private email sent to "A Guidebook"-site:

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There are a couple of details missing about some of the books on your Barks Guidebook website.

1: ... strzyz-dvi is supposed to be:

Author: Klaus Strzyz, Andreas C. Knigge
Publisher: Frankfurt-Berlin: Ullstein Verlag
Publication date: 1988
Country: Germany
Language: German
Cover type: Paperback
ISBN: 3548 36551 5
Type: book
Width: 11.7 cm
Height: 17.9 cm
Pages: 336

There are lots of interviews in this book, eg. Ward Kimball, Hans von Storch, Art Babbitt, Floyd Gottfredson, Del Connell etc. Furthermore it has a foreword by Barks. The two authors appear to me as editors, too, since they did not conduct all (but most of them) of the interviews themselves. Luca Boschi conducted three of them.

2: What's the reason for not including more issues of "Carl Barks & Co." than #22 (The Danish fanzine) in your website ?

3: The two German books "Carl Barks, Vater der Ducks" (a translation of the Italian book: Carl Barks, l'uomo dei paperi) and "THANKS, CARL! - In Memoriam Carl Barks 1901-2000" (some hommage to Carl Barks). There's a scan of the cover availble:

4: You miss to include the German Carl Barks Library, plus add a collection section to Sweden, Denmark and Norway, since there are being published Carl Barks Libraries at the moment.

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