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Postby neebedj » Sun Jun 15, 2008 1:44 am

I submit the following for your consideration

I got my information here:
and here:

as well as my own collection and notes in overstreet price guide.

Here is how I suggest history goes (I tried to fit all the facts together.)

June 17th, 1954: First version created (8 pages), probably the "Generic" Version

July 8th, 1954: PG&E and SCE want some customization.
1.PG&E gets an eighth kite flying rule (making the list match the one
in Pinocchio Kite Fun Book) Panels 7.1, 7.3, 7.4, 8.3 are modified.
2.SCE gets their name put on the truck, and "call edison company"
instead of "call electric company. (Panels 7.3 and 7.4)
3.First six pages need no modifications, so pages 1-6 are inked.
{This would explain the 8 panels of roughs and 6 inked pages this date.)
{Well, most of the 8 panels}

Nov 29, 1954: Publication date on base of blank/generic copy in Heritage auction
(now in my possession but sealed in plastic)

Feb 5, 1955: Date on PG&E Library copy (Comiclink, also now in my possession.)

I propose there are THREE versions

1. Generic: This is shown in CBL, includes the FP&L copy, the blank indicia box copy, and the "label" copy mentioned in overstreet this year. Western probably made these avalable to other utilities, either blank or with their name printed on. Some utilities may have left blank, others put a label over blank box, and at least FP&L probably paid extra to have their name printed on.

2.SCE: As described. SCE logo on truck should match the logo on last page of brer rabbit book below.

3.PG&E: PG&E has more modifications, as described. If you looks through Pinocchio, you'll notice the last page has PG&E all over it. Makes the DD pages look expected. Western probably knew going in they would be creating different versions. The did the year before.

Finally, why I am saying all these, I am intersted in any information on PINOCCHIO LEARNS ABOUT KITES. If somewhere here buys the lot at heritage, please share that information with me. So far I have only come across 3 1/2 copies of Pinocchio, all PG&E. The only other mention I have is the FP&L mention on that FP&L donald photocopy.

And the prize for anyone who got these far (and didn't peek earlier:)

Pinocchio Learns about Kites (pdf) (PG&E Disney File Copy)

Brer Rabbit - A Kite Tail (Southern California Edison)
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Postby neebedj » Sun Jun 15, 2008 1:50 am

Another tidbit forgot to include above:

The discripency between 6 and 8 new panels can be explained if one considers panels 7.1/7.2 or 8.1/8.2 need to be redone to fit with both SCE and PG&E Versions.

Oversteet has always listed SCE a little more expensive than PG&E based on supposedly SCE being the original and PG&E being done later and possible another artist involved. It looks like this is not the case, and their is really no basis for the price difference between PG&E and SCE. Actually, I think SCE is a little more common. The third "generic" is scarcer and should probably be listed seperately in the price guide.
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Postby Robb_K » Wed Jun 18, 2008 6:36 pm

Thanks for uploading the scans. The Bre'r Rabbit was clearly drawn by Tony Strobl. It appears that The Pinocchio was also drawn by Strobl. But, I'm not as sure about that one.
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Postby Robb_K » Wed Jun 18, 2008 6:47 pm

Sorry, I meant that it cleary was drawn by Jack Bradbury.

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