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Postby Egg » Thu Nov 16, 2006 1:49 pm

Romano Scarpa animation at YouTube:

La piccola fiammiferaia romano scarpa disney
Added November 03, 2006
From Tristantitoune
Petit dessin animé réalisé par le maitre de la bd italienne disneyenne

[Romano Scarpa] Camminata Disney Sigla di Topolino Show
Added November 08, 2006
From Tristantitoune
dessin animé disney realisé par romano dessin animé disney realisé par romano scarpa
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Postby Egg » Thu Nov 16, 2006 3:23 pm

Email from the Disney Comics Mailing List:

Disney comics related videos on YouTube
Francesco Spreafico
Thu Nov 16 14:54:04 CET 2006

Daniel van Eijmeren wrote:

> I didn't know that Romano Scarpa did animations. Can someone tell
> more about that?

Yep. Some time ago I made a page about the "Camminata Disney" on my
site, it's in Italian, though: ... inata.html

In short, there was this tv show in Italy in 1982 called "Topolino
Show", it aired once a week on Saturday (if I remember correctly) and it
always began with this short animation by Scarpa. After, they always
aired a Disney movie (that explains the final part of the toon, with
Mickey and Bruto) before the real show (often featuring a Disney artist
drawing live... I think it was Marco Rota).

The other video you can find there, "La piccola fiammiferaia", is a
non-Disney animation Scarpa made in 1951 (before starting working for
Disney) based on Andersen's "Little Match Girl".

There are more (not on You Tube): "The Fourth King" (1977), aired in
Italy and in the US at Chrismas (in 1977) [this one is generally
available on Amazon's marketplace, in VHS], "Ainhoo of the Icebergs"
(1972, never released) and a Duck Tales test, a few seconds long.

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