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character identification, ducks, mice, etc.

Postby Robb_K » Thu May 11, 2006 8:04 pm

Probably Vic Lockman, Kay Wright, and Tony Strobl -only in his very late period. I guess Thom wants to flood us with lousy artwork!

Maybe it's Bradbury, Murray and Strobl? To me, Strobl was fine until the 1959 paper change. And Bradbury's Ducks were okay, too. I don't like Murray's Ducks. I don't likeany of the other US Duck artists, other than Van Horn (and Barks and Bradbury and pre-'59 Strobl).
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Postby Rockerduck » Thu May 11, 2006 10:37 pm

Thom Roep mentioned Jack Bradbury and Paul Murry- two of the worst Duck artists in my opinion!

Then he also mentioned Carol Voges, who is also terrible, I think, and one Jules Coenen, whom I never heard of until I checked him with Lambiek. His work looks rather poor:

He alsno named another ComicUp-factory-artist; Bernado, who is good at stories about Mad Madam Mim, but who's not too good at Duck-stories.
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Postby Robb_K » Sat May 13, 2006 2:45 am

Bernado tried to copy Jippes' style, and his work looks somewhat like the distorted Branca to the non-distorted Branca, placed on the style of Gulien. (e.g. a VERY poor man's Gulien). Jules Coenan's style was a little like a cross between Marc de Jonge and the Danish style. I've seen a lot worse. I can not fathom why Roep plans to make an album for Coenen, Bernado and Murray's Ducks, and not Gulbransson. I think that part of the reason for Roep's consideration of Bradbury is that in the early '50s, Bradbury drew several well-written longer Duck Stories for US Donald Duck comics, that are very nice (I like the drawing, too). In addition, there were a lot of S-coded Bradbury Duck stories, too. Personally, I'd welcome the Bradbury album (Funny how his heavy shading doesn't bother me nearly as much as Rosa's!). But, I CAN'T stand Murray's Ducks (not all that fond of his mice, either!). I wouldn't buy a Jules Coenan or Carol Voges album. Voges was a good non-Disney artist. But, I don't like his Duck drawings.
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Postby WB » Mon May 15, 2006 10:33 pm


I would rather a book full of cute docile kitties in bags than anything with late era Strobl, late era Murray, and ANY era Kay Wright. At least with the kitties you get an overwhelming sense of "aaaaaaaaaaaaaaw". With the artists you get an overwhelming sense of "eeeeeeeeeeeeeew". :)
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