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Al Taliaferro mainly wrote newspaper gags for Donald Duck, consisting of mostly four panels.
Taliaferro seems to have made at least two stories that were longer:

- Taliaferro story of 2 pages. Donald gets wooden planks from Daisy, for the hearth. The wood has nails in it. Donald drives away. The wood is put in the trail behind his car ("313"). Donald lets the plank fall in front of a bus that then can't go further because of flat tiers. So Donald has to transport the travellers with his car and trailer.
This information is taken from Gduck on the Dutch forum.
Does someone recognize this story?

- Taliaferro story of 30 pages, one row per page. Titled 'Counter Spy'. It has been published in a 1947 Cheerios Giveaway, and reprinted in Brazil, Germany, Denmark, Finland, Italy, Norway, Sweden and currently in The Netherlands.
Thanks to Robb_K and Henrieke, for referring to this story on the Dutch forum.
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