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Postby Egg » Sun Oct 28, 2007 11:37 am

Continued from 'General questions about Barks'.

2007-10-28, kdikk wrote:Too bad everybody has left McDark. Long ago, it was full of happy threats, joyful insults and funny violence.

Those were the days...


:) Learn Dutch. At the moment, Dutch sections of McDrake are running just fine:

Seems that McDrake has been put on a blacklist by holy Inducks and its holy virgins.

Egg recommends you to try to join Inducks and its happy DCF. That is, if you manage to pass their Idols jury. They cannot have everyone there. Only people who can prove themselves to shut up about corruption and abuse in Duckburg are welcome in their church.

At McDrake, the poor maintainer is too busy collecting his own pocket-money to pay for the McDrake-server all by himself. By playing an out-of-tune guitar at the side of the streets, etc. Very sad. All he needs to do is praising the Disney gods to let Egmont's money rain from the sky. Is that so difficult? However, he insists he doesn't want to sell his soul. He doesn't want to be one of "them", he says. Like Scrooge in Disney underground-parody 'Attaaaaack!', the McDrake maintainer rather self-destructs than to let some sugar-seeking ants take over the place.

Disney already got Don Rosa's soul. The soul of a legendary great expert comics fan of the 1970s, who once had strong principles about "evil" Disney and royalties. Look what happened to him since. Rosa now has become an uninspired playing-monkey of... Disney. His almost-daily job is now to sign merchandise (like limited editions) and making fan drawings at conventions. Long before he got the age of 65 years, long before, Rosa already looks like a retired, old man. It's shocking. And no one may warn him. No one may wake him up. Except on McDrake.

Just some random, clutchy thoughts.
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