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Berichtdoor grobbelaar » ma jan 08, 2007 8:47 pm

tijgertje deed boos tegen een jongen, jongen overstuur, pa door het lint.. 'tijgertje had hem aangevallen' stomme amerikanen, hij raakte hem amper aan!

iemand het op het nieuws gezien?
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Berichtdoor Luuuuk » ma jan 08, 2007 9:01 pm

nee maar wel een keer dat Pluto ergens vanaf flikkerde!!! :P
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Berichtdoor Rockerduck » di jan 09, 2007 2:24 am

Tigger" suspended after allegedly hitting kid

Winnie the Pooh's striped sidekick Tigger -- well, a Walt Disney World employee dressed as the cartoon character -- has been suspended after a family alleged that he punched their 14-year-old son during a home-video session.

The Orange County Sheriff's Office in Florida said Saturday that it took a report from New Hampshire resident Jerry Monaco Sr. stating that Tigger struck son Jerry Jr. on the head at about 12:30 p.m. Friday. The incident is alleged to have taken place at Disney-MGM Studios.

"He felt that Tigger essentially punched his son and he filed a police report," sheriff's spokesman Deputy Carlos M. Padilla told the Orlando Sentinel. "Right now the allegation is that a battery occurred. Of course, we see a little of that [family video] tape, and we see what appears to be a battery. We need to talk to all sides to see exactly what happened."

Padilla identified the Tigger impersonator as Michael J. Fedelem, 31, of Kissimmee, Florida. Investigators have not yet spoken with Fedelem, and the investigation is "ongoing," Padilla said.

Fedelem has been suspended until an internal investigation and the sheriff's criminal inquiry are completed, said Disney officials.

"We received a complaint that a character allegedly struck a guest," said Disney spokeswoman Zoraya Suarez. "Naturally, a physical altercation between characters and guests is not tolerated."

Fedelem could not be reached for comment Saturday evening.

Jerry Monaco Sr. taped Friday's confrontation, and the family decided to approach police after they reviewed the footage, Padilla said.

The father said Fedelem intentionally hit his son "on or about the head," said Padilla. "The tape only shows a fraction of what happened. Now it's up to us to find out what led up to that."

According to the Sentinel, the Monacos' home video shows a very tall Tigger standing next to Jerry Monaco Jr. while his mother and two brothers kneel or stand in front of the big cat. Within seconds, Tigger grabs and locks the teen's left arm with his right arm, then throws a left jab at Jerry Jr.'s face.

Although the Monacos could not be reached Saturday at their Greenville, N.H. home, the two Jerry Monacos told TV reporters that Tigger's rabbit punch was unprovoked.

"At first, I thought he was kidding and all, just playing around, and then when he actually grabbed my arm," said Jerry Jr.

The family's Disney vacation also took a beating, observed Jerry Sr. "You don't come here for this, I mean, Disney is supposed to be a safe place. It's supposed to be a place that you come and enjoy with your family," the father said.

"At first, I was upset at my son. "I thought he did something to Tigger. But then I reviewed it and it is pretty clear; for no reason, he just clocked him in the face."

"How hard did he hit you, (son)?" he asked.

"Pretty hard," Jerry Jr. replied. "I could still feel it even though he was wearing the padded gloves."

Monaco said he had his arm around the costumed character when the attack occurred. "No provoking at all. It was just out of the blue."

Disney officials called the family, said WKMG-TV, the CBS affiliate in Orlando, Florida.

"I just wanted to follow up with you and let you know that we have spoken to the cast member in question and have reacted very strongly toward him," a man identifying himself as Jean Erik Redrupp, general manager of park operations at Disney-MGM Studios, said in a phone recording.

"The general manager apologized to me," said Monaco Sr. "Everybody will come up and apologize to me but Tigger. He won't be a man about it and get out of the costume and come out and apologize to my son.

"I didn't want VIP treatment. I didn't want an extra day at Disney. I didn't want any of that. I wanted him to apologize, and that is the one thing that they won't do."

This is the second time in almost three years that a Disney worker dressed as Tigger has landed in trouble.

In February 2004, a 13-year-old girl and her mother reported that a costumed Tigger groped their breasts during a photo session at Magic Kingdom's Toon Town.

Sheriff's officials arrested Michael Chartrand, 38. However, he was reinstated as a Disney employee after a jury found the man not guilty.

And if my thought-dreams could be seen
They'd probably put my head into a guillotine
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Berichtdoor YouTube » di jan 09, 2007 2:47 am


Tigger Attacks
"News clip of Tigger defending himself against a mischievous 14 yr old at Disney World."

Berichtdoor YouTube(r) » di jan 09, 2007 3:14 am

YouTube Comments:



tumbler2006 (8 hours ago)
Looks like the kid is up to something. The first reaction from Tigger is to grab the arm, then the 2nd hand also goes for the arm. Looks like the kid was up to no good, I'm guessing he was trying to unhook or unzip the costume, or maybe knock him over. Shame on the dad for taking this route and not smacking his kid upside the head.

going5hole (8 hours ago)
White Trash family seeing an opportunity for fast cash so they can get out of the 1 bedroom trailer they live... It is obvious tigger is falling backwards over a fence and trying to regain his balance --- I think Disney should sue this family for defamation of "character." Get it? yuck yuck.

JMcH (7 hours ago)
That kid is a liar. He was obviously trying something. The Disney employee wouldn't "attack" him for no reason if he wasn't trying something. And this bull about it being a "punch?" It wasn't a punch and I wish the media would stop reporting it as such. It wasn't even an intentional hit. The employee was reaching around and the kid's fat head got in the way.

rabid666 (7 hours ago)
look at the way tigger traps the kids arm. he WAS definately doing somthing,either trying to unzip the costume or pull tigger off balance.

skarobot13x (7 hours ago)
and the eyes go down and to the right...liar!

xqueenofthenightx (7 hours ago)
He's a liar. He tried to mess with Tigger's fur and Tig tried to stop him. Take a polygraph kid. Some people are determined to have a bad time on vacation and will do anything for some money!

wiltaz69 (7 hours ago)
That little bastard was doing something. As it has been pointed out Tigger latched on to the arm that was behind him. That wasn't a punch. Looks more like he was moving the other arm around to stop the kid from whatever he was doing, probably opening the suit, and brushed his face.

thelastcommentator (7 hours ago)
It is obviously the stupid kid! Tigger jumps in surprise and reaches around to stop the little jerk from doing whatever he's doing behind tigger's back - hitting the kid's face was obviously an accident, but deserved nonetheless.

louziffer (6 hours ago)
Tigger didn't intentionally trap the kid's arm. It looks like he was reaching up reflexively to try and grab his mask. The kid's arm happened to be in the way.

rollercoastersrock (3 hours ago)
that kid looked like he was reaching for the zipper in the back of the costume and tigger looked like he was just trying to stop him and the pushed tigger and tigger moved his hand and it ended up in the face. the kids grin shows he was doing something. you gotta remember that those people probably cant see well in those costumes and i think he hit the kid in the face by accident. the news are calling it a punch when it is more of a slap or pushing his hand into the kids face

SumoDave (3 hours ago)
Sounds like a jury of peers says Disney should fight this to the very end. Oh! There should be a security camera record available so we can see what that little golddigger was up to. God Bless CSI:Disney.

tp8425 (1 hour ago)
Has anyone noticed this yet? After watching the video a number of times...either I'm wrong or I'm right...if it's not video just being degraded, but it looks like THE KID IS NOT WEARING HIS GLASSES! If he's not wearing the glasses during the video, then it's an obvious set-up scam job.

nicolenaerts (1 hour ago)
you can clearly see at the end that tigger apologises and even pats the lil nerd on the head just to say "are you ok? i am sorry" i think it was just because sir nerdalot leaned to much and almost pushed tigger and the kids over, tiggers reaction was just to keep him and "nerdy" in balance (not easy in that kinda suit)
i feel sorry for the guy in the tiggersuit and i think disney should give his job back, and ban that family for all eternity from all disneyparks

mesnagan (1 hour ago)

padfootslover (1 hour ago)
I think he did something to Tigger because he grabbed his arm and then popped him one. I definitely think the kid pinched him or something.

lowerpower (1 hour ago)
look at the video closely, the kids elbow lowers and his muscles flex right before tigger gets mad, so he is obviously pulling on tiggers tail or zipper.

Berichtdoor Henrieke » di apr 10, 2007 7:21 pm

In Orlando heeft Disney één van zijn attracties 'gepimpt', nu is het deels gebaseerd op de drie caballeros.
De nieuwe animatie die er in is gebruikt is mooi gemaakt, maar als je het vergelijkt met de originele film zie je duidelijk een verschil in animatiestijl tussen toen en nu.

Een filmpje van de attractie (ong 6 minuten): http://mb.laughingplace.com/lotion/vide ... 1-high.WMV
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Berichtdoor Luuuuk » za okt 27, 2007 2:09 pm

Hebben jullie dit wel eens gezien? :o
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Berichtdoor Ei » za okt 27, 2007 3:02 pm

Luuuuk schreef:Hebben jullie dit wel eens gezien? :o

In dit filmpje in een Disney park achtervolgt een rennende Pluto een klein kind.

Elders op YouTube staan commentaren. Een kleine greep:

rollercoastersrock (1 maand geleden)
what did the kid do to make pluto chase him like that?

digibabe4eva (1 maand geleden)
the kid kept yanking pluto's ear. like, really really hard... if I was there, I'd smack the kid, and his mom

EthicsCommission (1 maand geleden)
its a suit !!! sorry to tell you but its not really a dog. You could yank the ear off and it wouldn't hurt. How can you think it was deserved? this is suppose to be a paradise for children. under no circumstances should that child have been chased by a character.


Een Disney-medewerker (in een Pluto-pak) rent achter een kind aan van pakweg 6-8 jaar. En dan vragen de mensen wat het KIND heeft misdaan, dat de Disney-medewerker zo raar doet. :|

Zelfs al zou het een spelletje zijn, dan nog is zo'n achtervolging een grove fout van de Disney-medewerker. Omdat men zich afvraagt of het echt menens is. En omdat jeugd ervan kan schrikken.

Ei wordt een tikkeltje cynisch van Disney. Wat een bende is het daar. Disney kan domme fouten maken en een kind krijgt de schuld.

Wat Disney ook doet, Disney-medewerkers zijn altijd heilig. Dus kindertjes, als jullie last hebben van een Disney-medewerker, houdt het dan maar angstvallig stil. Zo stil als een muis. Anders kun je van iedereen ter wereld op je donder krijgen, en je moeder ook. Je zult het zelf wel gedaan hebben. :rolleyes:

Hoe komen volwassenen zo dom? Dat is de ware Disney-magie.
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Berichtdoor Luuuuk » za okt 27, 2007 5:04 pm

Ik heb ook eens gelezen dat de binnenkleding van de Disneyland-pakken zo vies is, dat de medewerkers schurft en luizen enzo ervan krijgen.. :O
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Berichtdoor Hans » za okt 27, 2007 5:44 pm

Het lijkt mij vreemd dat dit zo is. Dat zou niet prettig zijn voor de bezoekers lijkt mij, dan zou het een uur in de wind stinken, loopt het volk met bosjes naar de uitgang........
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Berichtdoor Duckfan van Down Under » do sep 18, 2008 6:24 pm

grobbelaar schreef:tijgertje deed boos tegen een jongen, jongen overstuur, pa door het lint.. 'tijgertje had hem aangevallen' stomme amerikanen, hij raakte hem amper aan!

iemand het op het nieuws gezien?

Dat is net zoiets zoals toen met Bassie zeker?
Duckfan van Down Under
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Re: Disney world

Berichtdoor Jop Duck » di jun 12, 2018 8:53 pm

Ik ben ooit in Disneyworld geweest toen ik 1 jaar oud was. Alleen kan ik me daar niets meer van herinneren.
Ik heb het forum een beetje opgefuckt toen ik nog een toxic 10 y/o was. Sorry daarvoor.
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